EPE Administration (“EPEA”) is a full-service provider of outsourced accounting, administration and fund services with global coverage.

130+ employees across five core locations: UK, India, Guernsey, Ireland and Hong Kong. Established in 2007, EPEA has total assets under administration in excess of £2.7bn. EPEA leverages proprietary technology and cost-effective processing capability to offer a premium service at competitive pricing.

Benefits of Partnering with EPEA

EPEA’s extensive expertise and commitment to providing practical solutions helps clients achieve financial and operational goals. Increasing number of organisations are outsourcing operational and administrative functions to third party providers. Strategically outsourcing business establishment and support functions helps reduce cost and enhance efficiency.

  • 1 Enhanced Efficiency

    Clients able to focus on core revenue-generating business activities

  • 2 Cost Savings

    Cost reduction through outsourcing of non-core functions; up to 75%+ cost savings vs. in-house

  • 3 Innovation

    EPEA utilises state-of-the-art accounting and reporting systems and focusses on innovation

Trusted Partner

EPEA’s extensive expertise and commitment to providing practical solutions
helps clients achieve financial and operational goals.

Global Platform

United Kingdom, India, Guernsey, Ireland, and Hong Kong


Highly qualified and experienced team of accountants and operational service providers


Partnership with EPEA provides access to EPE’s wider network and complementary products and services

Clients First

Performance, Motivation, Longevity


Honest, Considered decision making

Client Satisfaction

Building engaged partnerships based on communication and shared objectives

Corporate Social Responsibility

EPEA in the Community

EPEA believes in sharing its expertise to support the development of not-for-profit organisations and enable them to become more effective and sustainable. Through our work with Pilotlight we have given our time to several charities over the years. More recently we have embarked on a multi-year partnership with The Reader Organisation; investing our time, organisation and profits behind the ambitions of this exciting Liverpool-based social enterprise.


Pilotlight matches business leaders with charities and social enterprises seeking to increase their impact and deliver more efficient services. Pilotlight mentors come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and offer targeted strategic support to charities with the aim of helping them become more sustainable and effective. Since its inception in 1996, Pilotlight has recruited over 1,000 business leaders to serve as mentors and coaches for over 500 charitable organisations tackling disadvantage in the UK. Please see the Pilotlight website for further information.

The Reader Organisation

Founded in 1997, The Reader Organisation (“TRO”) is a charitable social enterprise working to connect people with great literature through shared reading. In bringing individuals together on a regular basis across a variety of settings – including mental health wards, prisons and care homes – TRO fosters personal connections and a greater sense of community. The cognitive stimulation, social interaction and meaningful engagement offered in each session has a significant impact upon participants, with 62% of individuals reporting improved mental well-being following a session. At present, the charity delivers over 300 Shared Reading groups across the UK each week. Please see The Reader Organisation website for further information.

Customer Centric Team

Connected World. Connected Experiences.


Asset under administration


Qualified Professionals


Global Clients that trust us


Global Locations


Financial and Operational goals.