Depending upon the value and dependency of fixed assets within your company, we will assist with
  • Physical verification & reconciliation
  • Maintain a fixed asset register in standard ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning system designed to manage businesses of all sizes in almost any industry. Account management, order processing, inventory, manufacturing and job costing are among the core components of Standard ERP.)
  • Fixed assets capitalisation
  • Disposal and movement of capital and fixed assets
  • Barcode & RFID technology (Radio-frequency Identification - automatically identify and track tags attached to objects)
  • Cloud-based Mobile Application

How does it work?


It involves meeting and understanding your business practices, performing gap analysis, and studying the latest fixed asset scheme.


It involves creating a structure that can classify the assets according to financial needs and asset tracking needs as well.


EPEA then implements solutions to manage your fixed assets and also takes efforts to monitor the depreciation of assets.


The financial database will be compared with the physical asset list in this step and one final asset list will be prepared.

Asset management services highlights


EPEA provides precise and efficient services and assists clients to control and manage their assets through digital means.


We minimise the risks of thefts by monitoring and safeguarding your assets. Risks induced due to human error and manual techniques are also reduced by a great extent.

Covering all assets

Our expert team ensures that all the assets are covered. They do it by properly tagging each of the assets and by making sure that all key fields are included.


EPEA provides cost-effective audits of assets which helps you to control and manage your inventory and resources properly.

Status of assets

We check the depreciation or appreciation in assets as it is very important for analysing the net value of your total assets.


We report the status of the assets to our clients regularly. Therefore, we have earned a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable in the market.

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Financial and Operational goals.