Supply chain data management is the foundation for smart supply chain decisions. At EPEA, we work closely with you to manage and improve the planning, procurement, distribution and service of supply chain operations in order to enhance your analytics capabilities, reduce operating costs and increase working capital.

What do we provide under Supply chain Data Management:
  • Collection and classification of data from disparate sources
  • Mapping of data and creating a framework according to your organization's needs
  • Providing data analytical services and encouraging data-driven decisions
  • Leveraging data from suppliers and traders
  • Supply chain risk management services
  • Enhanced collaboration with multiple parties

EPEA ensures that you have the required supply chain data management system that provides insights to strategize well-informed decisions.

Robust Solution

We help you to enhance supply chain visibility by providing accurate and trustworthy end-to-end data. Our experts also specialise in creating efficient processes to reduce risks and errors in supply chain management.

Data-Driven Insights

EPEA ensure optimum supply chain data modelling irrespective of the sources of data and their complexities. Our experts are well versed in handling various POS data units and also have a knack of working with multiple extraction methods.

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