Our experienced fund accounting team will
  • Maintain financial records
  • Determine valuations of quotes and unquoted investments including equities, fixed income, derivatives, property and private equity investments
  • Calculate and communicate the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) and capital account positions
  • Process investments and realisations
  • Undertake capital calls, distributions and transfers of interest
  • Process trades, settlements, dividends and interest receipts
  • Reconcile assets
  • Offer multi-currency accounting
  • Provide income and dividend collection
  • Independently calculate all fee calculations including carry, waterfall and performance fees.
  • Prepare annual, bi-annual and quarterly accounting statements
  • Provide performance reporting including commentary and in-depth analysis
  • Distribute of financial reports including income statements and balance sheets

Why should clients choose EPEA?


Our services are budget-friendly and we provide that without compromising the quality.


We deliver timely, precise and proper administrative works by leveraging the latest technologies.

Multi-currency support

We provide fund accounting solutions that are compatible with multiple currencies.

Fund liquidation

We also fund liquidation services whenever it is ordered by our clients.

Working with people

EPEA works with local bodies and experts to provide you accurate information and reliable services.

Taxation and policies

We have in-depth knowledge of international labour laws and policies and can help organisations to develop global leadership.

Corporate Management

We provide comprehensive management, administration and accounting services for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and holding companies.

Few of the services we offer in Corporate Management:
  • Legal, fiscal, accounting and operational consulting
  • Dedicated audit process support throughout the reporting cycle, including preparation of required schedules and auditor liaison to ensure timely completion
  • Tax compliance and cash management
  • Financial vehicle corporations reporting

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Financial and Operational goals.